Gateway to Adventure


Camas County is an extremely unique place on the earth. Idaho in itself is very sparsely populated, and Camas County is said to be one of the least “dense” counties in all of Idaho.  This means wide open spaces with very few people.  It also means a high quality of life for those that value that kind of seclusion.

The people who make up Camas County love it here.  It isn’t uncommon for people to live here their entire lives.  Wherever you drive in the county, you’ll always get a wave from the passing driver and its common to see two cars stopped in the middle of the road talking to each other as they head in separate directions.

We take it slow around here because we can, but it doesn’t mean we don’t have a great time as well.  We are known for throwing some great parties and events that will give you memories to last a life time.

In the Community section of this website, you’ll find the things that the locals would consider important.  The events that make up our cultural scene, and the businesses that make our community tick.  Our Photo Collections are from locals – many of which are professional photographers – and visitors alike who have been captivated by the unique and unspoiled beauty of our area.

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