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Willow Creek View
View out Willow Creek - Camas County Idaho

What could be better than spending the summer in Camas County, Idaho? There are literally hundreds of activities to keep you and your family busy; from fishing to camping, and especially motorsports in the local hills and recreation areas. If you are looking for a place to stay, there are some excellent locations to pitch your tent or park your RV, as well as some lovely hotels and resorts where you can find clean and comfortable lodging.

Families will love the variety of outdoor adventures available in Camas County, while sports enthusiasts will enjoy partaking in mountain biking treks, hikes through miles of untamed wilderness, and even exploring the beauty of Idaho on horseback. Photographers will find many opportunities to take shots of local wildlife; which includes antelope, deer, wolves, bears, and hundreds of species of birds and fowl.

Whether you are searching for the perfect place to call “home,” or simply want a fun destination for your next RV or camping trip, Camas County, Idaho has all you need for a terrific summer. Check out our list of Places You’ll Love to find a few suggestions on areas where local Camas County residents enjoy frequenting during the summer months, or visit our Stay a While section to find out more on living in Camas County.