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Heart Lake
Overlooking Heart Lake - One of Many Great Lake Hikes in Camas County

Opportunities abound for hiking in Camas County. From short and easy day hikes for families to challenging day and multi-day hikes, there is a hiking trail for nearly every skill level in the area.

Many hiking trails in Camas County incorporate natural hot springs, so bring a towel and enjoy a relaxing soak in a spring along the way. For serious hikers looking for overnight backpacking trips, many hiking trails pass by campgrounds where you can set up for the night,

Here are a few recommended hiking trails in Camas County:

Soldier Mountain Loop: This challenging hike is worth every mile, and offers hikers a chance to see some rarely-visited backcountry. From mountain lakes to deep canyons, stunning peaks to dense forest, you can really get a feel for the variety of Camas County on this 40 mile hike, which can take 2 to 3 days to complete. You can also choose to do one of the North or South Forks of Soldier Creek for a quick out and back, but the full hike is certainly worth it!

Heart Lake: Located on Iron Mountain, this is a fun hike that offers spectacular views and a beautiful lake as your reward. You can access trails from the north or southwest, which give you the option of a minimum 6 mile hike to a maximum 12.5 mile hike.  More trail details available here.

Bear Creek & Ross Fork: This loop hike takes you along several lakeshores and gives you the option to climb a few peaks as well. There are also branches off the main trail that give you opportunities to climb Ross Peak, Two Point Mountain, or Marshall Peak. Those looking for a multi-day challenge can follow the trail all the way to Iron Mountain or Soldier Mountain. The opportunities are endless!

One of the advantages of hiking in Camas County is that you won’t have to compete with a bunch of other hikers – it’s just you and the wilderness. The peace and solitude of the hiking trails gives you abundant opportunities to view amazing wildlife and get back to nature. Remember to come equipped for inclement weather.

For a list of all the trails in Camas County, click here to download our Summer Activities Map.