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Motorcycling Close to Fairfield
Riding a Ridge in the Smoky Mountains - Camas County Idaho

For some of us a nature hike is not enough – we really want to get deep into the wilderness and get our adrenaline pumping. How about an ATV ride through the forest, along rivers, and through some amazing and challenging terrain? Motorcycling down dirt roads and trails? Off-roading through mountain passes? No matter what your preference, you have definitely come to the right place. In fact, you may have a hard time fitting it all in!

ATV / Motorcycle

Camas County has some spectacular ATV trails, including many  miles of loop trails specifically for ATV use. See the South Fork of the Boise River and Big Smoky Creek, climb steep terrain, and enjoy the thrill of riding crazy mountain ridges. For those looking for real adventure, consider multi-day trips that will take you deep into the backcountry, and stay overnight in one of many free camping areas within thousands of acres of BLM access areas.   If you are more of a two-wheeled motorsport enthusiast then step right up!  Camas County boasts hundreds of miles of single track trails that are perfect for dirt bikes.  You will not have a hard time finding amazing loop rides as well as touring destinations like mountain peaks, hotsprings, lakes and more.   Get a group together, pack up the bikes and have a blast exploring the countryside.


Some of us prefer the relative comfort of a full-sized off-road vehicle, making Camas County an excellent place to visit. Did you know that there are more dirt roads crisscrossing Camas County than paved ones, and that you can drive across the county without ever hitting asphalt? Back roads in the county abound, including a few popular routes, such as from Fairfield to Featherville (and on to Atlanta). There is also a fabulous route from Fairfield to Ketchum that includes mountain passes, ravines, and hot springs to soak in. A network of off-road opportunities await on local mining roads which are practically deserted – so pack some food, grab some friends, and check it out!


Are you more of a water person? No worries, water sports in Camas County are in ample supply. Trailer up your motorboat or sailboat and head to one of the local reservoirs for a day out on the water.   Pack your rafts, kayaks or canoe’s for a white-water rafting trip on local rivers.  Each season is different here with regards to water sports so make sure to check out the conditions ahead of time before heading this way.

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