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Snow Kiting

Snow Kite Soldiers Event 2011 - Camas Prairie Idaho

Perhaps skiing and snowboarding aren’t enough of a challenge anymore. Camas County has the answer – snow kiting. If you’ve never heard of snow kiting before it’s basically a combination of skiing and kite surfing. You are outfitted with skis or a snowboard, attached to a large sail (or kite) which allows you to use the wind to propel yourself across snowy plains, frozen lakes, and even straight up mountains and hills.

Snow kiting in Camas County is exploding and has grown more and more every year.  The Camas Prairie in particular has the perfect conditions for snow kiting and provides plenty of opportunities to learn and hone your new kiting skills.

Testament to the growth and popularity of the new sport in our county, the annual Kite Soldiers event has been growing each year!  The annual event, which occurs in February in Fairfield, brings together snow kite competitors from all over the world. Even if you are not “pro” yet, there are a ton of events designed for all levels, including a poker run that awards new gear to the best hand. Get involved in free beginner clinics, watch some fantastic competition, and stay for beer and pizza!

Click here to visit the Kite Soldiers Event Page and see what all the fuss is about!