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Great Food - Soldier Creek Brewing in Fairfield Idaho
Healthy Meal and a Tasty Beer to wash it down from one of many great places to eat in Fairfield - Image Courtesy of Soldier Creek Brewing Company

While you may not find the same “big city” restaurants in Camas County, Idaho, there are plenty of quaint eateries in the area that offer fantastic food, great service, and an excellent family atmosphere.

After a particularly arduous (yet completely rewarding) hike along local mountains, sit down and relax with a thick, juicy burger and some home cut fries. Prefer a fresh salad instead? No worries, we have a ton of fresh, local grown fare that will impress even the most particular palate.

When you are travelling with your family, it’s important to know that you can find easy, quick, affordable, and delicious food to fill up on. Camas County has a range of family restaurants offering tried and true favorites including pizza, pasta, and burgers to appease even the pickiest eater.

At the end of a day (or even one week) of playing on local trails you may just want to get together with the guys for a pitcher of beer to talk about your amazing adventure. No worries, our local pubs offer a great selection of local and import varieties.

Finally, after a frosty few hours (or a full day) of activity on local snow-capped mountains, along frozen lakes, and through freshly dusted trails you’ll really want to warm up. Head to a local coffee shop or eatery for a hot cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and get toasty. Follow it up with a hearty meal, or skip it and head straight for dessert. You deserve it!

Below is a list of local restaurants and shops to get you started:

Contact: Barb McMurdo
Other 113 Hwy 20 West PO Box 514 Fairfield ID 83327 Work Phone: 208-764-2211 Work Fax: 208-764-3300
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Photo of Iron Mountain Inn Restaurant
Contact: Jerry Young
Other 20 W Hwy 20 N PO Box 223 Fairfield ID 83327 Work Phone: 208-764-3444
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Contact: Ken & Bonnie Cox
Work Phone: 208-764-2030
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Work 509 Soldier Rd PO Box 451 Fairfield ID 833527 Work Phone: 208-764-2739
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Photo of Wrangler Drive In
Contact: Kathy Stephens
Other Hwy 20 & Soldier Rd PO Box 377 Fairfield ID 83327 Work Phone: 208-764-2580
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