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The Bowls Below Soldier Mountain Ridge in Camas County
The Bowls Below Soldier Mountain Ridge in Camas County

The residents of Camas County Idaho want you to enjoy all the places we love too. From wildlife viewing opportunities to breathtaking sights, take our word that these are some of the best places to visit while staying in Camas County.

Much of the County is occupied by the Camas Prairie – a high plateau valley with an average elevation of 5000 feet. Antelope, deer and other wildlife freely roam the prairie, giving visitors a chance to observe them in their natural habitat. Tucked against the Bennett Hills on the west end of the county (14 miles west of Fairfield) is the Centennial Marsh – home to numerous bird species and a popular attraction for birdwatchers. In mid-to late spring, the marsh and many other parts of the prairie become a blue and purple sea of Camas Lilies.  The color is so intense, many people mistake the fields of lilies for lakes!

There are three large reservoirs located within a one hour drive of Fairfield, Idaho, offering a plethora of opportunity for fishing, hiking, camping, and water sports. Anglers and fishermen will love the variety of fish species offered, as well as the chance to fish year-round.

Finding challenging hiking and mountain biking trails within Camas County is about as easy as throwing a rock – they’re everywhere! One of the area favorites is Couch Summit, a four hour trek by bike that will leave you breathless. Meanwhile, rock climbing enthusiasts and families will enjoy the scenery and uniqueness of the City of Rocks, a local national reserve offering hundreds of climbing routes, as well as hiking and wildlife viewing.

But it’s not all about activity.  When visiting Camas County it’s also important to take the time to stop and relax, which is why many popular hiking and mountain biking trails are located near some fantastic hot springs. Pack your suit, a towel, and find them all!