Gateway to Adventure

Couch Summit & Salt Bowns Road

Girl and Dog Hiking Ridge to Soldier Mountain
Hiking one of Many Side Roads from the main Salt Bowns Road Trip

The road from Couch Summit to Salt Bowns Road and beyond is nothing short of fantastic.  This is a drive that can be done in the summer with your 4 wheel drive vehicle, ATV, Motorcycle or Bike, or in the winter with your snowmobile or cross country skis.  Get ready for amazing views that look over the entire South Fork of the Boise drainage area, extending all the way to the backside of the beautiful Sawtooth & Smoky Mountain ranges.

Take one of many side roads to get to the top of Soldier Mountain Ridge (for a view of the entire camas prairie), or drop down one of the valley drainage’s on your motorcycle to complete one of many loop trips.

The road drops off pretty steeply on the north side of the road which makes for some amazing vantage points.  If you are scared of heights don’t come however since the majority of the road follows the ridge and certainly isn’t for the faint of heart.

Getting There

From Fairfield, drive north on Soldier mountain road.  Follow the road for about 9 miles.  Turn right on Forest Road 94.  You should see signs for Couch Summit.  Take the road to the top of the summit and when you reach the top, turn west to head down Salt Bowns Road.