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Warswick Hot Springs
View From Warswick Hot Springs - Camas County Idaho

What could be better after a long day of hiking, mountain biking, skiing, or sightseeing than a good soak in a natural hot spring? Not much, and hot springs here in Camas County are some of the best you will find. Here are just a few of the fantastic hot springs in Camas County:

Warswick Hot Springs

Located less than 16 miles from Fairfield (near Featherville), these hot springs can be accessed by a seasonal forest road from mid-May to October each year, depending on snow level. Enjoy excellent views from one of the many pools that reach up to 180°F, and relax your cares away.

Skillern Hot Springs

This amazing hot springs is available from spring through fall, and is located along a hiking access trail. In order to enjoy this amazing pool you will need to hike in for two hours along the Smoky Mountains, within the Sawtooth National Forest – but it’s definitely worth it!

Fed by a lovely waterfall, the hot springs features rock walls and sandy bottoms.  Nearby primitive campsites allow you and your party to stay overnight before heading back down the mountain. This is an A+ hot springs that you won’t want to miss out on.

Of course there are many other local hot springs, just waiting to be discovered!  We would tell you about them all, but truth be told, they are only for the lucky who decide to actually get out there and find them.  But don’t be too worried.  If you keep your eyes open and talk to a few of the locals, you just might be on your way to your very own private hot springs adventure.