Gateway to Adventure


Small it may be, but Camas County certainly doesn’t lack when it comes to taking care of its inhabitants, as well as visitors. Find everything you need here to continue enjoying your vacation in Camas County, or to find out more about living here.

We all know that accidents and illnesses happen – even when on vacation.  While Camas County doesn’t have a hospital, we do have a small clinic with range of medical and dental services available on a weekly basis. Emergency services are also taken very seriously here and we have a number of extremely dedicated locals who are certified paramedics and EMT’s.

Have some free time, or want to learn more about the area? Head over to the local library and find a great variety of books, magazines, and other materials to occupy your time, or to find out more about beautiful Camas County.

If you are having a hard time deciding what to do while visiting Camas County, consider contacting the Sawtooth National Forest or local Forest Ranger for ideas. You can get trail maps, find one of several natural hot springs, and get recommendations from locals on the best places to go for hiking, biking, ATVing and more. If you prefer a group setting, consider finding a local guide to take you to virtually unexplored areas of the county.

Camas County has everything you need, including a Sherriff, fire department, legion, and a major bank. Come check us out, or peruse our business directory for something specific.